Whole Body Massage Yoga Mat Set Acupressur Relieve Stress Back Body Pain | High Quality

Whole Body Massage Yoga Mat Set Acupressur Relieve Stress Back Body Pain | High Quality

Whole Body Massage Yoga Mat Set Acupressur Relieve Stress Back Body Pain | High Quality

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Your relaxation just got way better

Coconut Fiber Lotus Acupressure Mat Set Relieve Stress Back Body Pain Spike For Home Set || Acupressure mat / acupuncture mat for Massage / Wellness / Relaxation and tension release || Massage Therapy At Home 💆‍♀️💆‍♀️



100% linen, dyed with natural hypoallergenic dye.

Coconut fiber

Natural coconut fiber, supportive and safe.


100% natural cotton.

HIPS plastic

100% HIPS plastic, hypoallergenic and ecological.


Our Massage Yoga Mat Acupressur is the gold standard in quality textile product 

We are proudly the only Massage Set globally to be fully-qualities.

✔️RELEASE TENSION THE NATURAL WAY: Plunge in deep relaxation after a tiring day with the power of nature! Lie on a premium 18"X 30" (44 x 74 cm) Acupressure Yoga Mat and let the lotus flower spikes stimulate your body's pressure points! In just 20 to 45 minutes this message mat acupressure will clear your mind of thoughts, relieve stress, restore inner balance and help you tune in to your real self. Along with that it'll remove your back and neck pain relief.
✔️ALLEVIATE PAIN & EXPERIENCE WELLNESS: Reap the benefits of the spiked mat, an age-old HOLISTIC METHOD! Offer yourself a therapeutic massage from the convenience of your home and boost blood circulation for sciatica pain relief, back and neck pain, treat headaches and migraine, eliminate skin conditions or fibromyalgia pain relief. Accupressure mats are a snoring solution and help you feel rejuvenated and energized!
✔️SUPERIOR QUALITY MANUFACTURE: Steer clear of poorly crafted foam-filled Massage Mats that lack the right spike density and sharpness for optimal effects! Made of 100% natural, hypoallergenic materials, this pressure point mat is filled with BREATHABLE, ODOR-REPELLING coco fiber, lined with the softest unbleached linen cover, ethically harvested with utmost respect for the environment.
✔️MULTIPURPOSE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: The Acupresure mat made to enhance your overall quality of life. Our Acupuncture mat is much more than a stress relief mat! Use it at least 3 times a week and rediscover your healthier, happier, more youthful self! The mat for exercise equipment for lower back will help you lift your spirits, enhance your mood, sleep easier or take your yoga or meditation sessions to a completely new level.
✔️ENJOY PEERLESS WELLNESS OR YOUR MONEY BACK! We take pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our Eco-Friendly reflexology mat and back it with Sacred Weapon . So, buy with confidence and worry no more; You are absolutely thrilled with our Self-Massage Acupressure Mat for sleep.

Product Name: Acupuncture massage cushion mat
Package: Pillow + mat + bag
Style: Acupressure Mat/ Body Massage
Feature 1: massage mat for body back foot, stress and pain relief accupressure mat, Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Acupuncture mat, sensi mat with needles, 

1. Shiatsu massage pads and pillows can relieve pressure, pain, pain and muscle tension, relieve neck pain and increase blood circulation
2. Help with back pain, tension, stiffness, insomnia, fatigue and many other conditions
3. Use traditional Chinese medicine to stimulate acupuncture points, activate the two substances produced by the body itself, and help relax.
4. There are acupuncture points on the surface of each mat
5. There is a thick foam pad inside each pad


Thickness: 15mm
Length: 66cm
Color: Black, Blue, Purple, Green Color
Applicable Situations: Outdoor, Gym, Family, Office
Model: Acupuncture Yoga Mat Suit
Weight: 680g
Thickness: 3cm
Width: 41cm
Features: Massage, fitness, yoga for whole body 💆‍♀️

🥇【MULTIPLE BENEFITS】 - When you lie down on the acupressure mat, after a few minutes, the heat will spread through your body thanks to our spike quality on the mat. This mat is suitable for: back pain, headache, shoulder pain, neck pain, blood flow, as muscle and joint relaxant and other types of body problems.

how to use?
Place the mat on the ground with the nails facing up. Lie on the mat. The pad allows you to target curved areas such as the neck, waist and even feet. The best time is once a day or 10 to 30 minutes (or as needed). For starters, it is best to start and/or wear a shirt or put a thin cloth between the spikes and the skin in a short time.

Package Contents:
1 x Needle pressure pad
1 x pillow
1 x packing bag